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November 03, 2018

Green Tech Company of the Year 2018

For Immediate Release                                                      November 3, 2018

Contact: Brian F. Keane                                                       



WeeGreen Named 

“Green Tech Company of The Year” 

Wealth & Finance Magazine Honors Cutting-Edge Start-Up at The Intersection of Technology, Climate Change & Behavior Change

WeeGreen, the digital “green campaign” platform that helps people, communities and organizations achieve their sustainability goals more quickly and easily, today was named “2018’s “Green Tech Company of the Year” by Wealth & Finance Magazine’s Business Awards.

The Wealth & Finance Business Awards have been set up to bring truly special firms, their work and their people to the wider audience they deserve. Wealth & Finance International recognizes the firms and companies that, through their innovative methods and outstanding results, are changing the way we view their industry and see them surge ahead of their competition.

“Now more than ever, people need an easy solution for sustainability,” said Brian F. Keane, CEO of WeeGreen, “And at WeeGreen, we make it easy to be green. It’s truly an honor to have Wealth & Finance International recognize that WeeGreen is leading the way.”  

 For people, communities and organizations who want to more quickly and easily achieve their sustainability goals and generate revenue, WeeGreen provides a free, scalable digital platform for grassroots outreach that accelerates the adoption of green products and services. WeeGreen is the only easy-to-use, one stop shop that provides a measured and verified campaign approach that combines “grassroots” outreach with an integrated marketplace that shares revenue with the local cause.  To learn how your company, community or organization can benefit, visit www.wee.green.  Or simply visit the WeeGreen marketplace at https://market.wee.green

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