What is WeeGreen?

WeeGreen (wee.green) is an online platform that enables communities and organizations like yours to conduct successful community-based green campaigns that engage local residents, constituents and employees.

And at the same time, WeeGreen helps raise cash reserves that can build, grow and maintain local sustainability funds, or simply help your community or organization improve your "bottom line".

So while your residents and members are helping the environment, making their community more resilient and saving themselves some money, they are also helping your organization or community raise money to support your sustainability efforts, or improve your bottom line.

It's a win-win-win.

How WeeGreen can help

WeeGreen helps activate your participants by putting the purchasing power of local clean energy campaigns to work for you. The concept is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Your organization makes use of the free, co-branded online WeeGreen platform (available at www.wee.green) to support your local sustainability initiatives.
  2. Your members, residents and regular consumers participate in the your campaign by purchasing residential solar systems and a variety of clean energy products through your locally branded WeeGreen campaign platform.
  3. For every product sold, your organization will earn a share of the profits, generating a new stream of revenue.
How Does WeeGreen Work?

Today we need climate solutions to come directly from states, cities, towns, universities, and non-profit organizations across the country.

Communities and organizations like yours can now take advantage of a ready to use, free, consumer friendly digital campaign platform that will work seamlessly with your own grassroots sustainability campaigns to help meet your goals and mission.

WeeGreen helps you engage and activate your residents and members online and on the ground making it easy for everyone to make smart energy choices that protect your community and our planet.

To help you succeed, WeeGreen provides:

  • A free, co-branded digital "campaign" platform through which your community or organization can lead a clean energy campaign;
  • An online marketplace through which participants can purchase a range of clean energy products, including solar systems, Smart Thermostats, LEDs, high efficiency airconditioners, and other energy efficiency products.
  • "Green Coaches" to help guide your team as they plan and run your campaigns
  • Online marketing support, technical assistance, outreach support and guidance for your organization.
  • The WeeGreen "dashboard" that provides your organization with the measurable and reportable positive environmental impacts of your campaigns.

Communities and organizations from coast to coast are already considering WeeGreen as the perfect opportunity to deliver on their climate change goals and grow their sustainability funds without raising taxes or committing limited resources.

How can your organization take advantage of WeeGreen?

To learn more about what WeeGreen can do for you and your community and to see a demonstration of the WeeGreen platform, email:

Brian Keane at bkeane@wee.green or Toni Bouchard at tbouchard@wee.green. Or call us at 877-222-5624 or 202-991-8001.

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