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Press Release

July 9, 2018

Sunwatt Solar selected for Solarize Narragansett Campaign

Rhode Island owned & operated solar company joins effort to launch "Solarize 2.0"

Narragansett, RI - Solarize Narragansett, a joint initiative of the RI Office of Energy Resources, the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation, Narragansett municipal leaders and the non-profit SmartPower, announced that Sunwatt Solar has been selected as the official solar installer for the program.

“We are delighted to announce SunWatt Solar as the official installer for Solarize Narragansett,” said State Energy Commissioner Carol Grant. “This is the company’s second Solarize community, after Bristol’s successful program earlier this year. We look forward to working with SunWatt as we bring solar to Narragansett residents.”

“Sunwatt Solar is honored to be chosen as the installer for the Solarize Narragansett Program.” States Dana Weinberg, Inside Sales and Marketing Director. “We are excited to work with the community to bring the benefits of solar to as many homeowners and small businesses as possible. Sunwatt brings years of local solar experience and prides itself on high quality work. Narragansett Residents can feel confident that they are working with an installer focused on finding the best possible solar solution for their energy needs.”

Residents of Narragansett can learn about Solarize Narragansett at the upcoming “Meet Your Installer” event, scheduled for Tuesday, July 24th at 6:30pm at the Narragansett Beach Club. Solarize Narragansett will host multiple events including solar tours so that residents can hear from neighbors who have already installed solar systems, known as “solar ambassadors.” Interested residents may also find out if their home or business is eligible for a solar system and purchase it from Sunwatt Solar -- all through the Solarize Narragansett website at https://solarizenarragansett.wee.green/

The Solarize Narragansett campaign runs through November 2nd – program discounts and a Tiered pricing incentive will be available to all Narragansett residents who sign up before the program deadline.

The Solarize Narragansett campaign also represents one of the first uses of the WeeGreen “green campaign” platform. WeeGreen is a free digital platform that helps people, communities and organizations achieve their sustainability goals more quickly and easily. The platform is specifically designed for peer-to-peer driven grassroots outreach that accelerates the adoption of green products and services via an integrated on-line marketplace.

"As more and more communities see the benefits of going solar - and seek to launch their own green campaigns, WeeGreen will be there for them to use for free," said Brian F. Keane, President of SmartPower. "The way Turbo-tax helps you do your taxes, WeeGreen walks each community and each organization through how to put together and run a green campaign. So now everyone can follow the lead of Jamestown - and Newport Solar!"

Upcoming events, open houses and information tabling in the community will be scheduled in the coming weeks. For more information about these events, to sign up or find out more about Solarize Narragansett, go to https://solarizenarragansett.wee.green or contact Malinda Howard at: 401-261-8538.

About Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources

The Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources (OER) is the lead state agency on energy policy and programs. OER's mission is to lead Rhode Island to a secure, cost-effective, and sustainable energy future. OER works closely with private and public stakeholders to increase the reliability and security of our energy supply, reduce energy costs and mitigate price volatility, and improve environmental quality. www.energy.ri.gov

About Rhode Island Commerce Corporation

The Rhode Island Commerce Corporation is the official economic development organization for the state of Rhode Island. The Commerce Corporation's mission is to work with public, private and non-profit partners to create the conditions for businesses in all sectors to thrive and to improve the quality of life for our citizens by promoting the state's long-term economic health and prosperity. The corporation manages the state's Renewable Energy Fund, which provides grants and loans for renewable energy projects with the potential to make electricity in a cleaner, more sustainable manner, while stimulating job growth in the green technology and energy sectors of Rhode Island's economy. www.commerceri.com

About SmartPower

SmartPower works in communities on behalf of foundations, state agencies, utilities, businesses and the federal government to turbo-charge energy efficiency and renewable energy efforts. Through innovative on-the-ground campaigns and partnerships that use friendly competitions and challenges, we are able to increase customer engagement, drive results and save energy. Over the past 15 years SmartPower has designed, implemented and managed hundreds of successful energy-efficiency and renewable energy community campaigns in over 30 states from California to Connecticut. www.smartpower.org

About WeeGreen

WeeGreen is the green campaign platform. Combined with its on-line marketplace, the service accelerates purchases of green products by friends, families and neighbors. Heralded as "the Turbo-Tax of Green Campaigns", WeeGreen campaigns engage people and communities locally and around the globe helping to generate clean energy and energy efficiency actions as part of the climate solution. On the web at wee.green